Proper Dryer Venting Information


Commonly overlooked in household maintenance is the dryer vent. There are over 15,500 dryer related fires a year, many preventable through emptying the lint trap after every use and a yearly cleaning of your dryer vent. 

Cleaning the dryer vent is relatively fast in comparison to the damage that can be caused by a clogged dryer vent line. Many vents are located on the roof or side of the home. We have the capability to clean most vent locations and efficiently and safely.

Knowing when your dryer vent is clogged or needs cleaning can be difficult. Here are some warning signs to look for:  

  • Clothing is hot to the touch. This happens because the dryer is overheating. With a clogged vent there is not enough ventilation putting wear on tear on your unit and increasing a fire hazard.
  • Items taking longer to dry than normal
  • Debris visible from outside the vent.
  • The lint trap is empty after use. When airflow to your unit is decreased the dryer vent ducts will cause lint to stay within the vent and not push it out into the trap.

How do we get it clean?

We utilize equipment by Rotobrush® International LLC. It is a patented cleaning system. The Rotobrush machine has spinning brushes that loosen the debris and uses a vacuum motor to remove the built-up blockage. It does so safely without damaging the vent duct.




Before: Dangerous build up causes longer dryer run times, more energy usage and a fire hazard

After: Dryer may dry faster, lower energy costs, less strain on your dryer and reduction in fire hazard


We offer Dryer Vent Cleaning services for $125.00 for all Non-Preventative Maintenance Customers. For our PM customers the cost is discounted to $65.00 as a special savings!